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July 27-August 16, 2019

This year we will be offering the following programs

Details will follow – watch this space

Collaborative Piano

Offers intensive preparation for those students, who want to pursue their career in accompanying and coaching instrumental and vocal repertoire. Selective faculty will provide participants with the experience and necessary skills to be successful in this sought-after field of piano studies.

Music in the Alps - Extensive Vocal Program

Intensive Vocal Program

Following 2018 opera scenes workshop with Professor Alina Kozachenko, “Music in the Alps” expands its program, offering masterclasses, coaching and diction and staging opera scenes, accompanied by piano and other instruments.

Music in the Alps - Rising Stars

Rising Stars

Offers unique opportunities for younger musicians to share their talent and skills with older peers during supervised lessons, concerts, four-hand piano performance sessions and chamber music.

Music in the Alps - Hands-on Jazz

Hands-on Jazz

Rapidly growing Jazz Program features live performances, improvisation classes, jamming sessions and open mic events. 

The annual “Music in the Alps” International Festival from Irena Portenko’s Masters Academy of Performing Arts (Meisterakademie für Darstellende KünstlerInnen) is an intercultural program for young and professional musicians. It promotes talent, diversity and innovative ideas in music performance and education.

The 2019 Festival will be held for the sixth consecutive time during 27.7-6.8, featuring series of lectures, classes, workshops and interactive performances, given by international and local artists. The festival has grown from 1 person in 2013 to 300+ in 2018, with participants and guests coming from Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. High quality cultural activities offered at the festival have been attracting appreciative crowds of guests and listeners, who, from the young age to the elderly, truly enjoyed the activities of the festival and brought back more spectators during each coming year.

One of the exciting features of the 2019 festival is a highly anticipated liaison between Festival’s Academy’s international artists and local organizations and individuals to build up a beautiful unifying event, that will continue to “change people’s lives”. Since 2013, a growing team, made such important steps, as attentive individual approach to each participant, promotion of live interaction in form of performances, organizing presentations, leisure activities, that had taken the Festival toward higher level of structure, representing strong organizational element as well as featuring various musical styles as well as geography. Our hard work led to success, making the festival major attraction of the cultural scene in the Gastein Valley and extended its presence in Tyrol.

The Music in the Alps Festival is unique because of its multi-talented participants, both professional and amateurs, who have the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with artists and professors of leading institutions, such as Metropolitan Opera, Mozarteum Salzburg, Queen Sophia Music Academy in Madrid, Geneva Conservatory, Lyon Opera Theater, Dresden Opera, National Ukrainian Academy of Music, Berlin Symphony Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Julliard School, Moscow Conservatory, Tokyo National Music College to name a few. Not only do faculty and participants come back, bringing more people with them for the following year, but also guests, who once happen to attend the festival once are coming back with their own ideas about how to contribute their art to the festival. Thus, Dr. Corinna Schmohl after attending festival as a guest for five years created a beautiful and inspirational introductory presentation for the students. As well, another member of our 2017 audience, Dr. Philumena Reiser (writer, music critic and musician) was a member of our audience in 2017. Her inspiration was so strong and lasting, that she came back and stayed for the whole duration of 2018 festival and created a book of prose and poetry about all of the twenty eight festival’s performances!


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