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Dr. Irena Portenko, Founder and Artistic Director

Innsbruck, Salzburg, Bad Gastein,
& Bad Hofgastein

July 27-August 16, 2019

This year we will be offering the following programs

Collaborative Piano

Offers intensive preparation for those students, who want to pursue their career in accompanying and coaching instrumental and vocal repertoire. Selective faculty will provide participants with the experience and necessary skills to be successful in this sought-after field of piano studies.

Music in the Alps - Extensive Vocal Program

Intensive Vocal Program

Following 2018 opera scenes workshop with Professor Alina Kozachenko, “Music in the Alps” expands its program, offering masterclasses, coaching and diction and staging opera scenes, accompanied by piano and other instruments.

Music in the Alps - Rising Stars

Rising Stars

Offers unique opportunities for younger musicians to share their talent and skills with older peers during supervised lessons, concerts, four-hand piano performance sessions and chamber music.

Music in the Alps - Hands-on Jazz

Hands-on Jazz

Rapidly growing Jazz Program features live performances, improvisation classes, jamming sessions and open mic events. 

About Music in the Alps

Founded by acclaimed classical pianist Dr. Irena Portenko in 2013, the annual Music in the Alps International Festival (MITA), along with Dr. Portenko’s Master Academy of Performing Arts (Meisterakademie für Darstellende KünstlerInnen), is an inclusive program for young musicians that promotes talent, international cultural exchange, and innovative ideas in music performance, composition, and education. Set in breathtaking Bad Gastein and Innsbruck, Austria, this three-week festival brings together esteemed music professors, international performing artists, and upwards of 300 young participants from all over the world for an unparalleled experience of musical collaboration, lectures, masterclasses, and celebration of cultural diversity. The intensive performance series includes concerts and recitals in Innsbruck, Salzburg, Bad Gastein, and Bad Hofgastein, and has become very well-known in the region, attracting ever-growing audiences each year. 

At MITA 2019, held from the 27th of July until the 6th of August, 15 top musical artists from the United States will journey to Austria to give private and group classes and participate in collaborative performances throughout the festival. MITA participants will also have the chance to work closely with local musical organizations, including the Innsbruck Mozarteum, the Tyrolean Choral Society, the Innstrumenti of Tyrol, and accomplished jazz musicians. The various concerts and events born of these collaborations build a wonderful sense of musical community and offer the participants a hands-on experience in creating art that crosses cultural boundaries.

In addition to first-rate musical knowledge and performance experience, participants gain invaluable life experiences at MITA, including the opportunity to work with fellow artists from diverse backgrounds, language and communication skills, educational and professional networking opportunities that extend beyond their home communities, and life-long friendships. Mountain hiking, carriage rides, and trips to see performances at the renowned Salzburg Festival also add to this uniquely inspiring festival.  

At the conclusion of the festival, each participant returns home with an impressive portfolio, resume, letters of recommendation from the award-winning faculty, and a promotional video that is submission-ready. These tools, along with the invaluable connections made with the diverse American and European faculty and guest artists, provide the festival’s participants with the confidence and wherewithal to enter higher musical education and forge a successful career. 

Some of MITA’s leading faculty include teach at the following world-renowned institutions:
The Metropolitan Opera, Mozarteum Salzburg, The Queen Sophia Music Academy of Madrid, The Geneva Conservatory, Lyon Opera Theater, Dresden Opera, The National Ukrainian Academy of Music, The Berlin Symphony Orchestra, The New York Philharmonic, The Julliard School, Moscow Conservatory, and The Tokyo National Music College. 


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