Sound Recording and Technology

Program Category:

MITA’s Technology program will have hands-on experience with masters. How to make a recording, prepare and use equipment, recognize acoustical features of the concert halls, editing both audio and video-are included in the curriculum, among other important aspects.
Special attention is given to the learning about recording. By request performers-participants can work with the director and assistants of the technology program on their promo videos, that would be specially tailored to the requirement of the college/competition/audition or just to have a good quality representation on the YouTube. Today colleges and universities, competitions and festivals consider most entries visually, so this is a very important asset to the program.

At the end of the “Music in the Alps” festival, all the participants leave with the following important materials on their hands: portfolio, resume, recommendations and a promo video of the high quality, ready to submit it to the music institution and college of their choice. In 2018 all the orchestral students received their letters of recommendation from Grammy-nominated conductor, who is also a director of conducting studies at the university, where he works as a professor. Having this personal contact and immediate evaluation of their work, leaving a possibility to pursue further contacts regarding admission process among others.

Another unique aspect of MITA is a Networking. Possibility to spend time with the faculty from American and European educational institutions, to open one’s musical and personal channels and to acquire deeper personal contact to pursue further studies with the leading professional musicians in the USA as well as in other colleges or universities in the world. Consultation on the admission process, advise on submission and supplemental materials is provided during networking sessions.
Grow with us as we explore our cultural travel experience in the Austrian Alps; enjoy unique performances and educational opportunities; meet and mingle with “Music in the Alps”‘s young talents and professional musicians in Europe’s most beautiful mountain range!