Music in the Alps’ International Concerto-Aria Competition

Douglas Bish Chairman and Conductor

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Music In The Alps - Douglas Bish

 This year, our new Concerto-Aria Competition led by Dr. Douglas Bish will bring advanced students together to compete for a chance to perform with the festival orchestra; to make a special appearance in music series in the legendary Marble Room of Mirabell Palace in Salzburg; and the Grand-Prix: another special invitation to the most impressive contestant at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall during the 2018-2019 season (in collaboration with Concert Festival, Contestants will play three pieces from a varied repertoire; give an interview about the role of music in their lives and its impact on our ever-changing society; and finally perform a movement from a concerto during the final round.

Final performance of the winners and choosing the Carnegie Hall performance will be presented at Innsbruck Saal (Innsbruck) at 600-seat performance hall (tickets available).

Culminating in a “Command Performance” Concert, where selected winners perform a concerto movement or aria with the Music in the Alps Festival Orchestra, this competition gives accepted participants the chance to showcase their skills and musicianship on a world stage. Competing for Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals, the competition is organized in two age groups: age 18 and older, and up to age 17, and will consist of full-term registered Music in the Alps Festival participants.  Students with Austrian residence can enter the competition at no cost as a courtesy, although they are welcome to be full-term festival participants. Competition categories are Piano, Strings, Voice, Woodwinds, and Brass.  Unedited videotapes must be submitted digitally by April 1, 2018. They will be screened by an international panel of renowned musicians, and selected participants will be notified by May 1st,2018.

The selected winner(s) of the “Solo” Concerto-Aria will be invited to perform at Weil Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall* in New York City, USA during the 2018-2019 Concert Season*. “Music in the Alps” is excited to collaborate with the Concert Festival ( organization, which takes pride in empowering talents in all musical genres, and providing them with meaningful and diverse performance opportunities.


*The performer(s) at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall will be selected based on the common decision reached between the Music in the Alps and Concert Festival organizational committee and jury members, which will be cumulative upon three completed rounds. The dates of the performances will be discussed no later than September 2018. Performers will be responsible for financing their travel to New York; they will be hosted in private residences with pianos during their stay at no cost. Accompanists for their pieces will be provided. Performers whose instruments require an extra airline ticket should inquire about rental possibilities in advance.



Unedited video received no later than
April 1st* including the following:

A concerto movement from the standard Classical or Romantic period instrumental repertoire (Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Mendelssohn etc) or an approved Mozart aria or piece from the Classical period for voice and orchestra.

Competition Chairman Douglas Bish at

[email protected]

Piano accompaniments
should be used on all concerto recordings. The
screening panel will evaluate the
recordings based on the performer’s
versatility, virtuosity, stage presence
and overall professionalism. From this
initial screening, participants will be
selected to compete in Bad Gastein at
the Music in the Alps Festival.


*If you must delay the date of submission, please do so in writing to [email protected] prior to April 1st, 2018.

**Changes in the repertoire program of the competition are NOT allowed after June 1st, 2018.




A virtuoso piece and art song or aria for your instrument or voice,
A piece or a sonata movement by a Baroque or Classical composer
(contestant’s choice, 6-8 min)
A piece written during the period from 2000-2017 (contestant’s
choice, 4-6 min).


Realizing a Future in Music
The competition participants will
meet for an informal discussion of
performance practices, voluntary
stories by participants of individual
career goals and how they reached
this point in their musical journey, and
necessary steps to move forward as
serious musicians. Moderated by
members of the adjudication panel.


Each competitor will perform one
movement from the standard Classical
or Romantic period instrumental
repertoire (Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin,
Mendelssohn etc) or an approved
Mozart aria from the Classical or
Romantic period for voice and
Following Round Two: Gold, Silver, and
Bronze medals will be awarded.


Participation fee is $100 for participants of the festival and $175 for non-participants. Payments accepted through the website.

Winners’ Concert with Orchestra
“Command Performance” Concert with
Orchestra. Performers will be selected
from among the Gold medal winners.

Featuring Guest-Performer, winner of the ConcertFestival 2018 Tour.

Additional Benefits of Competition Participation

  • On-site one-on-one work with recording engineer.
  • Participation in promotional video and possible documentary.
  • International press releases.









Douglas Bish

Music In The Alps - Douglas Bish

Dr. Bish has conducted professional, community, and academic orchestras around the world. Considered an expert on adjudication and music competitions, he is the former President of the National Association of Music Festivals.

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