Visiting Austria is an inspirational experience for any traveler. Breathtaking landscapes, bright-colored nature, snowy mountain peaks, urban elegance and rural picturesqueness create vivid unforgettable memories for both globe trotter and beginner explorer. However, there is a magic, that exist naturally and seems to follow you everywhere in this beautiful country-it is music. You can see it in dancing falling leaves; hear it roar with dashing waterfalls and recognize it in harmonies, created by choruses of winds high up in the snowy Alps.

Guests of “Music in the Alps” Festival come back again to spend time with our international artists, travel with us and make new friends. The 2019 Festival, that will take place in Innsbruck, Salzburg, Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein from July 27th till August 16th offers colorful kaleidoscope of adventures for your Austrian experience rested, enriched and inspired.

Bad Gastein is known to be elegant and enigmatic, holding magic not only at any season, but also at any day and night place. Situated on the slopes of a horse-shoe mountains with its center divided by a powerful waterfall is a true celebration of nature. With its healing thermal pools, clean air and water, it has been a long-time destination for its many visitors in the past: Schubert, Mann, Einstein, Toscanini among others. Many participants and guests of Bad Gastein discover its positively powerful, meditative and inspirational affect on them, that lasts for a long time.

Innsbruck cultural and administrative capital of Tyrol. 2019 marks a celebration of Kaiser Maximilian with its festivities and “Music in the Alps” is proud to be part of them. a city with the universities, conservatory, music school and choral society with over 11,000 members is booming with cultural and multi-ethnical diversity, a variety of the festivals from early to contemporary music. It is a cross roads with only a couple of hour reach to four countries-Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Italy. Tourists choose Innsbruck to see stunning mountain views in combination with urban scenery, experience history and hospitality of Tyrolleans. For “Music in the Alps” participants, Innsbruck is a perfect destination bring together our international and local young talents together to make music, friends and peace.

Salzburg is legendary Mozart’s birthplace, that witnessed his first steps toward big musical career. It is a destination to hundreds thousands  of tourists from all over the world, a place of establishment Salzburg International Music Festival and, for those, who learned “Do, Re, Mi” though famous song from “Sound of Music”-there is a Mirabel Palace and Gardens, where young Julia Andrews once charmed so many hearts. “Music in the Alps” is proud to be presenting its program in Marmursaal of Miracle Palace. It is very symbolic for young musicians to be performing in this beautiful hall, as this is where young Mozart won attention of Empress, that later resulted in his world’s fame.

Bad Hofgastein a neighboring to Bad Gastein town, a gem of Gastein Valley, cradled by gentle giant green slopes, beautiful and cozy, living its energetic life with a very active touristic turnaround and a variety of cultural events. “Music in the Alps” is excited to present its concerts in famous Kursaal and Weitmoser Schlössl.