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As we prepare for the 5th Summer Music in the Alps in the summer of 2018, I would like to encourage you to browse our website and to learn about our new programs.

Here you will find the information on our accommodations, schedule, professional and leisure activities, offered during 19-day session and, on our faculty.

To sign up for next year please fill out the form, a $35 application fee will apply.

Feel free to send a message with a questions or comments to [email protected] Or add a comment below!

Dr. Irena Portenko.

5 thoughts on “Greetings from our founder”

    At the 2017 festival, there were things, that have occurred to
    me as a surprise: after the festival my musical perception went
    onto the next level, existence of which I had assumed, but never
    “visited”. I also encourage people to join “Music in the Alps”; as

    Professionally, I have grown due to the masterclasses with
    Sergei Milstein, Yong Hi Moon, Waleed Howrani, and also
    during communication with other musicians. It was an
    amazing international experience with the teachers, other
    participants, UNFORGETTABLE CONCERTS that made a
    huge impression on me. I think the benefit of taking part in
    the master-course depended on what everyone wanted to
    get from it. The main thing is your surrounding, the
    professionalism of people around. NEXT STEP IS YOURS. I
    would do as much as possible to make the next year’s festival
    even more interesting and helpful for its participants. It would
    be a real pleasure for me!

    I am extremely excited to be returning to Bad Gastein for my
    second year as Assistant to the Director for “Music in the
    Alps”. It is such a surreal experience for me to share so much
    music with such a diverse group of musicians.

  4. “Musik in den Alpen” ist wirklich etwas ganz Besonderes. Seitdem ich das Festival 2015 zufällig enteckt habe, verfolge ich die Konzerte und die Entwicklung der jungen Künstlerinnen und Künstler mit großer Freude. Hier kommen hervorragende Profimusiker “aus aller Welt” zusammen und es entsteht Jahr für Jahr eine ganz besondere Atmosphäre der gemeinsamen musikalischen Arbeit, der Freude am Musizieren und der internationalen Sprache der Musik, die sich bei jedem Auftritt auch dem Publikum auf höchst inspirierende Weise mitteilt.
    Jedes Jahr wird das Festival um weitere, interessante und spannende Aspekte erweitert, so habe ich z. B. 2017 die Möglichkeiten des Jazz ganz neu kennengelernt und freue mich schon sehr auf “Music in the Alps” 2018.

  5. “Music in the Alps” is really a very special festival. Its charm is a very special atmosphere created by the conjuncture of highly professional musicians from around the world. The outstanding personalities of faculty members and guest artists enable the young international students to develop their musical and personal development already during the festival and masterclasses. This spirit carries over to the audience – the concerts are unforgettable. I’m already looking forward to “Music in the Alps 2018”.

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